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Categories: Acupuncture

by bryan


acupuncture for allergies

Acupuncture can be one treatment option available to allergy sufferers. If you’ve never had acupuncture before, managing allergy symptoms might be a good reason to try it for the first time. Here are some things that you should know about acupuncture for allergies before you schedule an appointment.

Proven Short-Term Success

When researchers studied the impact of acupuncture on allergy sufferers, 71% of those in the acupuncture group saw improvement of their allergy symptoms, especially over the short-term. This may mean that acupuncture works best on seasonal allergies or that it is most effective in the beginning. Regardless of what future research shows in terms of how it works and which allergies it treats best, acupuncture is an excellent treatment option for allergy relief.

Calms Exaggerated Response

Acupuncture doesn’t work to reduce your allergy to a specific allergen. Instead, it works to calm the exaggerated response to the allergen. In this way, acupuncture treats the symptoms of allergies and not the allergy itself. You will still want to continue with other allergy medications while undergoing acupuncture treatments, including nasal steroids, antihistamines, and/or decongestants.

May Also Help with Eczema

Some acupuncture practitioners have had clients have great results with eczema flare ups once they started with therapy. Eczema is a reaction to an external irritant that manifests itself as red patches on the skin. Since acupuncture works to reduce the symptoms, it can help to clear up the redness.

It’s Cost-Effective

Compared with allergy shots and other invasive procedures, acupuncture is a cost-effective allergy treatment that can provide sufferers with the relief they need. Many health insurance companies have started to cover acupuncture treatments because of its affordability and effectiveness when compared to other treatment options. Even if your health insurance provider does not cover acupuncture, most patients pay less than they’d expect to out of pocket.

More Research Needed

In many ways, what we know about acupuncture’s use to complement modern medicine still needs more research to thoroughly understand the connection. Early research and anecdotal evidence often point out its effectiveness for all types of allergies. It is likely that research will uncover a better understanding of how acupuncture works to reduce allergy symptoms.


If you suffer from seasonal or year-round allergies, exploring your treatment options is a smart decision, especially if you have tried everything else. Acupuncture is cost-effective and can make you feel better. Plus, it is a practice that has been helping people in other cultures around the world relieve symptoms of allergies and related health conditions for hundreds of years.

Ready to Get Started?

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