Categories: Acupuncture Detox

by bryan


Categories: Acupuncture Detox

by bryan


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An overall sense of health and wellness starts within the body. Whether it is the polluted air we breathe, the foods we eat, the beverages we drink, or the products we use – unwanted poisons make their way into our bodies. They then continue to build until we take steps to rid ourselves of them. 


Detoxification is a great way to restore alignment within the body while kicking off healthier lifestyle habits and relationships with food. Because there are different methods of cleansing, we’ve got 5 ways to gently detoxify your body. 


1. Gently Detox with Acupuncture

The Qi in Chinese culture is the vital energy that keeps us fully alive. When we have unhealthy lifestyles filled with stress and poor diets, Qi can become blocked and allow poisons to build up. We continue to live this way, zapping our energy and feeling unwell without a desire for change. 

Thankfully, using acupuncture as a means of detox can help. It unblocks the Qi and is the key to allowing natural healing within the body.


2. Gently Detox with Exercise

You’ve always known that movement was important, but you may not have realized that it would be so beneficial in detoxing the body. In just 30 minutes daily, you can get your heart rate up, allow the blood to circulate throughout the body, fill your organs and muscles with necessary nutrients, and rid the body of toxins through sweat. 


3. Gently Detox with Herbal Remedies

Various herbs are used in traditional Chinese medicine to promote wellness and restore balance. Using different formulas prepared in gentle ways can help with detoxing. These herbs are often focused on clearing out the liver, kidney, bowels, lymphatic system, and other areas within the body charged with eliminating waste. 


4. Gently Detox with Fluids

The body can also benefit from drinking fluids. A lot of fluids. The more filtered water – or green/matcha tea – that you drink, the more hydrated and healthy your cells. Hydration is so important as it helps with digestion, waste removal, and nutrient absorption. It also helps to flush out the liver and kidneys. 


5. Gently Detox by Limiting Exposure

By choosing to take steps to limit exposure to toxins and poisons, to begin with, you can reduce the amount found in your body. This means avoiding plastic and switching to glass containers or water bottles so as to reduce your chance of ingesting harmful chemicals found in plastics. Filtering the water you drink and the air in your home can be very beneficial, too. And, always choose to eat organic whole foods as much as possible. 

The better choices you make about what goes in your body, the more limited exposure you have to poisons and toxins getting inside and impacting your health and wellness. 


Are You Ready to Detoxify Your Body? 

At the Thumos Health Center, our holistic programs provide both physical and emotional support through detoxification so that patients can develop a more healthy lifestyle. 

If you are interested in taking the step toward natural healing, contact us today at (323) 372-5150.

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