Categories: Acupuncture Detox

by bryan


Categories: Acupuncture Detox

by bryan


Acupuncture is a common practice found in Traditional Chinese Medicine that helps to restore balance within the body. And part of its healing capabilities includes detoxification. 

See, throughout daily life, a poor diet, the use of medications, drugs, alcohol, and self-care products filled with all types of potentially dangerous ingredients can load our bodies with toxins. In turn, it blocks our Qi from flowing freely. And, since Qi is the essence of our being, it needs to move.  

Acupuncture naturally acts as a diuretic in that it helps the body to remove toxins through urine. That means organs such as the liver, the kidneys, and the colon, are all cleansed in the process. As the body begins to feel so much better, you will experience improved digestion, immune function, fertility, and more. Acupuncture brings back your body’s vitality.  

A powerful practice, here are 5 toxins that acupuncture can help detox and remove from the body.

  1. Unhealthy Foods

Your overall well-being relies on you to eat healthily. Unfortunately, in our society, it is very easy and convenient to grab foods that are heavily processed, stripped of their nutrition, and full of preservatives, chemicals, and dyes. All of these things can play a significant – and negative – role in the body’s overall function. 

  1. Medications

Sometimes doctors prescribe medications to fight off certain medical conditions. And although their intentions are good, they could be building up in the body and impacting other areas without even knowing it. 

Some patients complain that the side effects of certain medications – especially psychiatric drugs – can be too much to handle. Getting them out of the system entirely is important for the body to find healing. 

  1. Alcohol and Drugs

It should come as no surprise that alcohol and drugs can disrupt the flow of your Qi. And acupuncture is a holistic approach to overcoming addiction. Through detoxification, it helps to regulate emotions, reduce cravings, ease withdrawal symptoms, and minimize pain which is what makes it so successful. 

  1. Self-Care Products

Take a moment to think about all the products you use on a daily basis. You wash your body and your hair. You brush your teeth. You may use sunscreen and lotion for the hands and body. Maybe you use makeup. Maybe you use another product to remove the makeup. 

In a matter of seconds, all of these cleansers, moisturizers, serums, and the like seep into your skin and into your bloodstream. Once in your body, these toxins can begin to wreak havoc – and can lead to some dangerous health concerns. 

  1. Environmental Toxins

Just as with hygiene and beauty products that you use on a daily basis, you also come in contact with environmental toxins, such as the laundry soap you wash your linens and clothes in, the cleaner you use on your countertops, the toxins found in your candles and diffusers, etc. 

Each of these things can make its way into the body and impact it in ways you may not even realize. Over time, it can lead to buildup and, eventually, cause your Qi to come to a screeching halt. 

Acupuncture at Thumos Health Center

Acupuncture may play a large role in detoxifying the body, but that isn’t the only factor involved. Nutrition, lifestyle, and different herbal preparations can all help you to find healing within the body. And Thumos Health Center can guide you through it. 

Contact us today at (323) 372-5150 to schedule an appointment. 

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