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ear acupuncture

As you may know, acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medicine involving the insertion of extremely thin needles into the skin. The needles are inserted at strategic points that coordinate with other areas of the body. The ear just so happens to be one of the main points for acupuncture. 

Ear acupuncture, also known as auricular acupuncture, offers many health benefits. Here are 5 medical issues that ear acupuncture benefits can contribute to. 

1. Smoking and Substance Abuse

Ear acupuncture has been successful at helping people overcome addiction and behavioral disorders. Acupuncture helps to ease withdrawal symptoms during treatment for drug abuse and promotes a sense of calmness and relaxation that can make it easier to resist relapses. These same effects are helpful in quitting smoking. 

2. Migraine Headaches and Acute Pain

People who suffer from migraine headaches know the effects of pain all too well. Often the cause of migraines is unknown and there is no definite cure. However, ear acupuncture has been shown to relieve migraine headache pain and prevent or lessen the frequency of their occurrence. It has also been found that ear acupuncture can help to relieve acute pain, such as post-surgery pain.  

3. Insomnia

People who suffer from insomnia, or trouble sleeping, may find relief through ear acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture in general helps to calm the mind and body and provide an overall sense of relaxation. Most insomniacs have trouble relaxing and calming their thoughts, which is what causes their lack of sleep, which is why acupuncture can help. 

4. Constipation

There are many potential causes of constipation, but one of them is stress. Ear acupuncture can help relieve constipation by promoting relaxation. Once the body is able to relax, constipation will often clear up. Regular acupuncture treatments can help keep constipation from being a chronic issue. 

5. Obesity

Ear acupuncture can aid in weight loss, although it is not clear exactly why. It is likely similar to the effects of acupuncture on addiction and behavioral disorders. The calming effects can make it easier to avoid giving in to cravings. Studies have shown that acupuncture patients experienced lower body weight, lower body mass index, less body fat, and a smaller waist circumference. 

There are many other ear acupuncture benefits, such as:

  • Relief of anxiety
  • Reduced back pain
  • Improvement in depression
  • Relief of digestive issues
  • Reduced allergy symptoms
  • Improved heart health

Are There Any Side Effects to Ear Acupuncture?

Before starting any type of medical treatment it is wise to learn about the possible side effects. The side effects and potential risks for ear acupuncture are very minimal. The most common side effects of ear acupuncture include:

  • Pain at needle insertion sites
  • Skin irritation at needle insertion sites
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Minor bleeding 

Avoid any type of electric pulse acupuncture if you have a pacemaker. If you suffer from epilepsy, hemophilia, or you have a metal allergy, acupuncture may not be the best option for you. Always consult your doctor before starting any type of acupuncture treatment. 

Ear Acupuncture at Thumos Health Center

If you’re interested in experiencing ear acupuncture benefits, Thumos Health Center is a Los Angeles based provider of a wide range of acupuncture treatments. Acupuncture can treat, relieve, and improve a long list of health issues. Many people have found relief and improvement with acupuncture when all other therapies and medications have failed. 

Thumos Health Center provides a holistic approach to medicine and healing that focuses on healing the source of pain and health issues rather than just treating the symptoms. This provides long term solutions to health problems that are better for the body and mind. 

Call (310) 927-2792 or contact us today to schedule a consultation. We look forward to helping you improve your health with ear acupuncture benefits. 


Located in Pacific Palisades, with satellite clinics in Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, and Beverly Hills, Thumos Health Center offers patients exceptional personalized care. If you are ready to take the first steps toward a more integrative approach to your health care, we invite you to phone 310-428-1215 to schedule an appointment at any of our Los Angeles locations. Our highly knowledgeable and friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

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