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by bryan


Woman undergoing acupuncture treatment and a massage

The ancient healing practice of Chinese acupuncture is used to bring the body back into balance. Life is full of stressors and, quite often, unhealthy habits. This can cause the body’s Qi to come to a screeching halt. Using thin, sterile needles in just the right spot, the body can come alive again as Qi and life-giving blood begin to flow freely. As a result, the practice of acupuncture comes with many benefits that promote optimal living and a healthy lifestyle. 


  1. Address Many Different Medical Conditions

It is not uncommon to hear individuals seeking acupuncture for any number of medical conditions or concerns. That’s because it is known to help with things like migraines, stress, allergies, sinusitis, joint pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel, fertility, reproductive issues, chronic fatigue, digestive disorders, anxiety, depression, and so much more. 

Many who have turned to this ancient practice for treatment instead of turning to the medical field have found great success. 


  1. Improved Mood and Overall Outlook

Part of living a healthy lifestyle means having a positive outlook in life. This is hard to do when you are bogged down with worry, stress, and anxiety. However, acupuncture can offer significant relief from these, regardless of their cause. 


  1. Fertility Enhancement

Couples spend thousands upon thousands of dollars at fertility clinics trying to battle infertility issues. Acupuncture can help with everything from fertility issues through pregnancies and all avenues of reproductive health. 


  1. Freedom from Chronic Pain

Those who suffer from chronic pain know just how debilitating it can be. Because moving is so painful, it can make living a healthy lifestyle difficult. With acupuncture, however, patients often find relief from their pain and can move about more freely – adopting a more healthy lifestyle. 


  1. Better Quality of Sleep

Healthy eating and exercising may be the first things you think of when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, but getting enough quality sleep is vital for your body to function properly throughout the day. Those with sleep issues quickly learn that their lack of zzz’s can negatively impact all areas of their life. 

With acupuncture, individuals with a history of insomnia and various sleep disturbances find that their sleep quality is improved – and their ability to function properly during the daytime is restored. 


  1. Give Energy a Boost

Life can be overwhelming, stressful, and non-stop. As a result, many find that just getting through the day leaves them depleted of energy. Getting up and moving to stay healthy is not possible without energy. 

In order to get up and get moving to stay healthy, you have to have the energy. But all the caffeine in the world cannot compare to the boost of energy that comes from acupuncture. 


  1. Clear Your Mind 

Living an unhealthy lifestyle void of healthy foods, quality sleep, and efficient blood flow can lead to mental fatigue and brain fog. Daily stress, negative energy from social media, family discord, and more can disrupt your ability to focus and think clearly. This can result in poor decisions that may not be the healthiest choice for your body. 

Clear your mind and regain your focus with acupuncture. 


Acupuncture Treatment at Thumos Health Center

Ready to see how acupuncture can improve your healthy lifestyle? Thumos Health Center can help. 

To learn more or to make an appointment, contact us at (323) 372-5150.

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